Shabnam Aslam

Associate Board

Shabnam is a human rights professional with more than 10 years of experience in human rights monitoring and assistance management. She spent most of this time focused on conflict zones; she led teams and programs in emergency response for the International Committee of the Red Cross, working with victims of armed conflict in areas such as Afghanistan, South Sudan, Mexico, and the Northern Triangle.

Shabnam credits her passion for languages, cultures, travel, and giving-back to her diverse family background. As a second-generation Iranian-Pakistani-American with immigrant parents, the world became her classroom as she navigated through three cultures. Her parents’ deliberate exposure to cultures beyond their own taught her to walk alongside others with empathy.

Currently, Shabnam is pursuing an Executive Master of Public Affairs at Columbia University and aims to guide corporations in embedding human rights principles into their operational framework. In addition, she serves as an expert witness providing security and contextual analysis to vet asylum claims for immigration lawyers.