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Singapore: Hangin' with the Orang Utans

Singapore: Hangin' with the Orang Utans

Hangin’ with the Orang Utans

You probably already know a little bit about the orang utan, but the Singapore Zoo wants to help you learn even more about our closest living relatives.

Orang utans are part of the Great Ape family. This family also includes chimpanzees and gorillas. So what’s the difference between monkeys and apes? Well, it’s pretty simple – apes don’t have tails whereas most monkeys do.

I found it very interesting just how different male and female orang utans look. While they both have long red hair, the males are much bigger than females. Male orang utans grow beards and some have big throat pouches.

Orang utans love climbing trees, and their extremely long arms are perfect for just that purpose. An adult male could have an arm span of seven feet, even if he is only five feet tall!

The Singapore Zoo was the first zoo in the world to create a free-ranging area for its orang utans. This means the animals aren’t kept in cages. Their home at the zoo is filled with lots of plants and tall trees so there’s room for the orang utans climb, swing, and play.




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