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Azerbaijan: Religions

Azerbaijan: Religions

Religion in Azerbaijan

Religion in Azerbaijan can be traced back almost 3,000 years. The first main religion in Azerbaijan was Zoroastrianism. This is one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religion. That means its followers believe in only one god.

Fire temples like Ateshgah, are places of worship for Zoroastrians. The current temple of Ateshgah was built in 17th century, but this location has been holy ground for about 2,000 years. In the 7th Century, Arab invaders brought Islam to Azerbaijan. As the Arabs took over, many Zoroastrians left the country so that they could continue to practice their religion.

Today, the religion, culture, and traditions of Zoroastrians are celebrated in Azerbaijan. Holy places like Yanar Dag and Ateshgah are important to the whole country, not just those people who practice Zoroastrianism.

Today, Islam is the main religion of Azerbaijan. Almost 99% of the country’s population is Muslim. However, freedom of religion is guaranteed in Azerbaijan. In addition to the religions mentioned above Christians, Jews, and Hindus freely practice their beliefs.




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