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Azerbaijan: Azeri Kitchen

Azerbaijan: Azeri Kitchen

Azeri Kitchen

While the food of Azerbaijan may seem similar to the food of Iran, Armenia, and Russia, Azeri cuisine has a flavor all its own. That’s because Azerbaijan’s geography and location provide diverse climates. And, these unique climates allow for many different plants and animals to grow and thrive in this small country.

Pomegranates are a great example of this: while they are rare in other areas of the world, they are a common fruit in Azerbaijan, where they grow in the country’s tropical regions. Their taste is tangy but sweet, and their seeds give a crunchy texture to every dish.

Fresh herbs are also common in Azeri cooking. You’ll find mint, dill, basil, parsley, and tarragon in many Azeri lamb and seafood dishes. Even though it’s considered exotic and expensive in America, saffron is a popular spice here. This bright yellow seasoning comes from a type of flower, and it’s used in more than 50 of the country’s popular dishes.

These herbs are also used to make kebabs, one of the most typical dishes of Azerbaijan. Kebabs can be made from almost any type of meat, except for pork, since the population is mainly Muslim, and pork is forbidden by the religion. To prepare kebabs, meat is marinated in a blend of spices and herbs. Then, it is placed on a skewer, grilled, and served with bread.

Food is an important part of Azeri culture. A meal traditionally includes several different courses including appetizers, bread, soup, main dishes, desserts, and tea, which means that once you sit down, you’d better be ready to settle in for at least an hour.




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