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Doha Debates Lessons

Doha Debates Lessons


Artificial Intelligence: Doha Debates Asks

Overview: Students will hear differing views on artificial intelligence and express how other people see the use of AI. (AI debate part 1)



A Brief History of AI

Doha Debates is examining complex global issues in an innovative way: solution-focused and consensus-building conversations, from diverse perspectives.

Overview: Nelufar Hedayat provides a brief history of artificial intelligence. In this lesson students learn about the different types of AI. (AI debate part 2)



The Trolly Problem - Ethics & AI

Overview: The trolley problem is a thought experiment in ethics — but developers and ethicists are revisiting it as society considers the future of artificial intelligence. This lesson explores whether or not it is possible for a computer to make an ethical or moral decision. (AI debate part 3)



Speaker Muthoni Wanyoike

Overview: Exploring the role AI will play in creating more equity in Africa. (AI debate part 4a)

coming mid-Sept.



Speaker Dex Torricke-Barton

Overview: Understanding people in positions of power, such as politicians, and AI. (AI debate part 4b)

coming mid-Sept.



Speaker Nick Bostrom

Overview: Students learn about the possible issues with continued progress in AI development and what short term benefits come from implementing AI. (AI debate part 4c)

coming mid-Sept.



Speaker Joy Buolamwini

Overview: This lesson looks at how AI, without oversight, can amplify inequality and bias within AI. (AI debate part 4d)

coming mid-Sept.



AI - The Connector

Overview: The connector searches for common ground across the debate stage and the world. Students will describe and articulate the connections between differing views on AI. During this lesson students will also express themes discussed by the connector. (AI debate part 5)

coming in October


Crash Test World Lessons

Crash Test World Lessons

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