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Science / STEM Lessons

Science / STEM Lessons


Elephant Conservation

Overview: Students will examine some of the current threats to elephant populations worldwide and explore some of the present efforts being made towards elephant conservation and protection around the world. Students will consider the effectiveness of these and other conservation efforts, specifically identifying actions that seem to have the most lasting impact on protecting the elephant species. Collection: Destinations.



The Giraffe

Overview: Students learn about the unique physical characteristics of the giraffe species and subspecies, and will explore how different subspecies’ possess unique characteristics based on their geographic location. Collection: Destinations



Native or Not?

Overview: Students will be able to understand differences between native and non-native species of life on Mauritius, and will be able to explain how the introduction of non-native species of life can affect native species. Collection: Destinations



The Science of Curling

Overview: Students learn about the principle of “friction,” observe how friction affects different surfaces, and identify ways that friction is found in daily life. Collection: Destinations



The Sugar Crystal Experiment

Overview: Students explore the history of sugar cane in Mauritius, then experiment with sugar and water solutions, evaporation, and sugar crystal formation. Collection: Destinations



Underwater World

Overview: Students identify the major anatomical parts of a fish. Students conduct a simple experiment to see how fish breathe air from water, and examine how fish are able to breathe in water while humans cannot. Collection: Destinations

Math Lessons

Math Lessons

Social Studies

Social Studies

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