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History Lessons

History Lessons


Art & The Berlin Wall - COMING OCTOBER 2019

Overview: Students explore art through a historian's eyes, through an artist’s eyes, and through their own eyes. Then students examine various works of art considering the ideas of "welcome vs.unwelcome" and "beautification vs. destruction”. Collection: Crash Test World

coming Oct. 22nd



Berlin Episode Guide

Overview: Do walls work? How can people make others feel unwelcome? Welcomed? Use these conversation starters to help create a safe, empowered space for students to share their voice and connect to the Crash Test World: Berlin episodes. Collection: Crash Test World

coming Oct. 22nd



Coexistence - My Personal History

Overview: The sharing of human stories and history is essential in the building of empathy and understanding in a world with so much conflict. After viewing the Crash Test World: Israel episode, students are invited to share their voice so that connections can be made, differences can be appreciated, and they can have insight into what divides us and unites us as global citizens. Collection: Crash Test World

coming Oct. 15th



Food Scarcity

Overview: Students examine food scarcity on macro (global) and micro (local) levels. Collection: Crash Test World

coming Oct. 9th



What Is A Refugee?

Overview: Students experience the voice and perspective of a Syrian refugee through the examination of a primary source. Students create a piece of art based on that primary source. Collection: Crash Test World



Tolerance and Acceptance

Overview: In part 1 of this lesson, students to tap into their understanding of the ideas of tolerance and acceptance and search for examples of these in various communities. In part 2, students use everyday materials to build a concrete interpretation of identity. Students will have the opportunity to create a collaborative text celebrating various identities that are represented in their communities both local and global. Finally, in part 3 of this Tolerance and Acceptance investigation, we will invite students to examine values and how those intersect with various religious practices, specifically in Israel with Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Collection: Crash Test World

coming Oct. 15

Geography Lessons

Geography Lessons

Life Skills Lessons

Life Skills Lessons

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