The landlocked country of Zambia is located in the heart of southern Africa. It is neighbored by Angola, Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. Some quick facts include:

  • Until 1964, Zambia was under British rule and was known as Northern Rhodesia. The current name ‘Zambia’ comes from the Zambezi River; it is taken from the local word yambezhi which means heart of all.

  • Though the nearest ocean is 600 miles away, Zambia is one of the most water-rich countries in Africa with 20 major waterfalls including Victoria Falls, which is the world’s largest sheet of falling water.

  • The country is slightly larger than California and Nevada combined.

  • The population of Zambia is around 14 million.

  • There are more than 70 ethnic groups that comprise Zambia’s population. The largest groups are the Ndola and Kitwe, each of which has more than 400,000 people

  • Zambia’s key resource is copper and it is the world’s fifth largest producer of the metal.