The Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is bordered on one side by China, Laos, and Cambodia, and by the South China Sea on the other. Some quick facts about Vietnam include:

  • Officially called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the country is governed by the Communist Party of Vietnam.

  • Vietnam has a long history of foreign control. From 200 BCE to the 10th century, China ruled the country. In the mid-19th century, Vietnam was colonized by French. During World War II, the Japanese took control. In 1954, Vietnam won its independence, but North Vietnam and South Vietnam were divided. In 1976, following the nearly two-decade Vietnam War, North and South reunified to become one country.

  • The country has a population of nearly 90 million people, with the majority of the people living in the countryside or in fertile delta regions.

  • Though roughly the size of the state of New Mexico, Vietnam has a diverse landscape ranging from wetlands and forests; from mountains and coastlines. More than 150 reptile species and 800 types of birds make this country their home.

  • Hanoi, the country’s capital, has a population of approximately 7.5 million people and nearly five million motorbikes. Tourists beware when crossing these busy streets!