Spain is the third largest country in Europe following France and Germany. It is just over twice the size of Oregon. Spain shares the Iberian peninsula with Portugal and Gibraltar, and also shares its north-east border with France and Andorra. Some quick facts about Spain include:

  • Spanish is the official language, although a small minority speak other languages like Catalan, Basque, or Galician.

  • Spain has the most diverse landscape in all Europe. The south resembles a desert climate, but the south can expect rain nearly everyday during the winter.

  • 94% of Spaniards are Catholics, even though for over 300 years most of Spain was Muslim until the 15th century.

  • Everyone in Spain has two last names. The first is their father’s first last name, and the second is their mother’s first last name.

  • The popular Spanish dance, the Flamenco, is not just a dance. The term Flamenco refers to an entire performance involving guitar, singing, dancing and hand claps.