Home to 22 million people, Mumbai is the most populous city in India, (To put that in perspective, that’s over twice as many people as New York City — it’s massive!)

However, this mega-city started out as seven small islands. Over a span of 150 years these islands were connected through a series of land reclamation projects to form the area that is the modern city of Mumbai.

Mumbai is located on the west coast of India. It has a large harbor that facilitates a lot of global trading. As a result, it is the wealthiest city in India. The city is home to many of the country’s prominent billionaires, and is the financial, commercial, and entertainment hub of the country. It is a city of extremes, though, with about 20% of the Mumbaikars living below the poverty line.

The city was named Bombay until 1995 when it was renamed Mumbai, in an effort to reclaim India’s past from the former British rule. The name comes from Mumbadevi, the goddess who is the patron saint to the city.