Mexico is the largest country in Central America. It shares borders with three countries: Belize, Guatemala, and the United States. Some quick facts about Mexico include:

  • Spanish is spoken by more than 90% of the people, though a small number of people still speak indigenous languages such as Maya and Nahuatl.

  • The country’s 31 states span three time zones.

  • The majority of Mexicans are Christians, with over three quarters of the population following Roman Catholic traditions.

  • The popular Christmas-time plant, the poinsettia, grows in Mexico. The plant was brought to America in 1828 by Joel Roberts Poinsett; the United States Minister to Mexico.

  • Maize was cultivated in Mexico over 4,000 years ago and, today, the country is one of the world’s major suppliers of the crop.

  • Mexico ranks third in the world in terms of number of airports, just behind Brazil and the United States.

  • 91% of the population is literate and it is generally expected that most citizens will complete a high school education.