Also known as the Festival of Colors, Holi is a Hindu religious ceremony celebrated in the spring. It is mainly celebrated in India and Nepal, but is also celebrated in areas with large populations of Hindu people or Indian immigrants.

While the holiday has religious significance, it is probably one of the least religiously focused of the Hindu holidays. Originally, Holi mainly celebrated the bountiful harvest of spring, but today it is well known for its celebration of the colors of spring as well. During the wild, often multi-day, celebration, people throw perfumed and colored powder at each other, to welcome in the new season and usher out the colder, greyer winter months.

Holi celebrations often lower the usually strict social norms in India between ages, genders, and different social statuses, and people from all walks of life are seen celebrating together in the streets. It is not meant to be a polite holiday; the atmosphere is usually raucous and joyful.