Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu played an important role in changing South Africa.

Tutu was born in 1931. He grew up in the north-west part of South Africa and moved to Johannesburg when he was 12. As an adult, he was a school teacher for three years. In 1953, Tutu stopped teaching. This was done to protest the Apartheid government’s unfair educational laws for blacks.

He decided to go back to school to study religion. In 1965, he became a leader in the Church.

At this time South Africa was becoming violent. In 1976, hundreds of students were killed for protesting against the Apartheid school system. This event was known as the Soweto Uprising.

The world was outraged by the Soweto Uprising. Many in South Africa turned to violence, but Desmond Tutu encouraged non-violent ways to reach peace.

Tutu traveled the globe to speak about the inequality in South Africa. In 1984, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his peaceful struggle against the Apartheid government.