The country of Burma (also known as Myanmar) is bordered by Thailand, Laos, China, Bangladesh, India, the Bay of Bengal, and the Andaman Sea. It is the second largest country in Southeast Asia. Some quick facts about Burma include:

  • Archaeologists believe that Burma’s history dates as far back as 3,500 years.

  • In the 16th century, Burma was ruled by King Bayinnaung. He was a powerful leader who expanded Burma’s empire by waging war on Thailand and Laos.

  • Today, Burma is ruled by the military. The people of Burma have very few freedoms. People who speak out against the government can be imprisoned or tortured.

  • Burma is one of the least visited countries in the world. Because the military rulers treat Burma’s people so poorly, many have boycotted the country.

  • Rudyard Kipling, author of the Jungle Book, wrote a poem about Mandalay. This was the former capital of Burma.