Kathleen Ziegler


Kathleen is the head of distribution at Blackboard, an AIG-owned technology-focused subsidiary. She has an extensive background in operations, IT, and strategy with a focus on the insurance industry. She started her career as a consultant at Accenture and then progressed with roles at Zurich, Marsh, and more recently AIG. She has held several senior executive positions, including head of operations and technology for the US at Marsh and northeast regional vice president of Zurich’s commercial market business. Kathleen is also a strong proponent of advancing women and is currently on the leadership committee of AIG’s Women & Allies employee resource group. She was on the steering committee of Marsh’s internal women’s group and founded the global women’s network at Zurich in 2007, which is still in place today.

Kathleen received a bachelor of arts in English and French from the University of Notre Dame and a masters of arts degree in linguistics from the University of Kansas. Her love of languages and travel have led her to live and work abroad for close to 10 years in France, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Kathleen currently lives in Brooklyn and enjoys the outdoors, comedy, music, and exploring the national parks as well as NYC’s boroughs with her husband, Todd, and 8-year-old son, Milo.