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Crash Test World:
The Raslans start a new life in Berlin. (Germany)

Awestruck at Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. (Netherlands)

Entomophagy! What is it and would you practice it? (Cambodia)

The recycling industry is worth big bucks in Dharavi. (India)

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The Sugar Crystal Experiment. History & science in our most popular elementary school lesson.

What Is A Refugee? Preview a lesson from our upcoming Crash Test World TV series.

Doha lesson over

Doha Debates - A Brief History of AI. Lessons to help high school students better understand artificial intelligence.


World Heritage Sites.
Preview lesson for grades 3-8 in partnership with Cultural Jamabalaya.


ProjectExplorer in the news; announcements, and upcoming events.


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watch: A Sneak Peek of our upcoming TV series.

listen: Jenny talks about women in media, and creating content for kids on The Other 50% podcast.