Greta Tufvesson


Born in Manhattan, the daughter of a restaurateur and a ballerina, Greta Tufvesson has spent the last twelve years working in the fields of fashion, hospitality and brand consulting. She spent five years with the luxury subsidiaries of LVMH followed by a period in marketing and sales with Andre Balasz, and Spain’s top hotelier, Kiki Sarasola.

In 2010, Greta helped launch New York’s first introduction firm with an edge. Greta introduced matchmaking to the sophisticated social crowd of New York City – a concept that had never really been accepted in this community. She developed a boutique aesthetic, and guided the brand’s voice and message. Inspired by her former companies’ growth and influence, she has decided to shape her own vision with The Bevy. Greta resides part time in each of New York and Los Angeles.