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Is ProjectExplorer really free?
Yes! Thanks to our generous corporate sponsors, supporters, and donors, ProjectExplorer is provided at NO cost; all we ask of you is please take a moment to register to provide some very basic information that will help us tailor our tools and resources to our audience.

By registering, you’ll be notified when new video episode are added to current programs and previous series.

How can I request a school visit from the ProjectExplorer team?
ProjectExplorer offers fully customized on-site and virtual visits as well as professional development opportunities for educators. Our Passport Programs are designed to prepare teachers and students to meet or exceed state standards.

If you are interested in having the ProjectExplorer team visit your school, please contact us education@projectexplorer.org

How can I work for ProjectExplorer?
We have an extremely small staff and therefore do not typically have job openings for our traveling crew.

However, there are a number of ways you can become involved with ProjectExplorer: become a contributing educator or editor, provide feedback on how you use our programming in the classroom or at home, or support our work by sharing it via your social media channels.

Does ProjectExplorer provide consultancy services for new or existing non-profit organizations? 
While ProjectExplorer focuses solely on creating and funding our own original programming, select members of the organization are occasionally available to consult on a per-project basis. Daily rates vary based on the scope of the project.

Does ProjectExplorer partner with other non-profits?
ProjectExplorer will occasionally partner with other for-profit and non-profit organizations whose work and mission fits with our current programming.

Do you accept proposals or treatments for original programming?
Unfortunately, ProjectExplorer is unable to accept unsolicited treatments and proposal submissions. ProjectExplorer focuses solely on creating and funding our own original programming.

How do I report an error or typo? 
Nobody is perfect. While we have combed the website for hours and made every effort to ensure that our site is typo-free, we occasionally miss a letter or two. Please let us know at help@projectexplorer.org and we will address it as soon as we can.

If you’d like more information about ProjectExplorer in the classroom, please contact us at education@projectexplorer.org. We encourage feedback, comments and suggestions for future series.