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The Trolley Problem - Ethics & AI

The Trolley Problem - Ethics & AI

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The trolley problem is a thought experiment in ethics — but developers and ethicists are revisiting it as society considers the future of artificial intelligence.

This collection explores whether or not it is possible for a computer to make an ethical or moral decision.

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Algorithmic (In)justice: More courtrooms are using AI to determine sentencing, bail and parole. But studies have shown that these tools may exacerbate biases against people of color.

The Future of Jobs: In the near future, over one quarter of the entire global working class may lose their jobs to AI and need to find new ways of earning money.

AI: The New Arms Race? Artificial intelligence is creating new weapons of war, but it could also cure diseases and bring an end to poverty. AI has the power to radically reshape our world — how will we harness that power?

AI: The Future of Life and Death Decisions: Journalist Paul Mason and Doha Debates Correspondent Nelufar Hedayat talk about autonomous weapons and the future of coded ethics.

A Brief History of AI

A Brief History of AI

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