About ProjectExplorer


Our Mission

ProjectExplorer’s mission is to bring the world into classrooms and living rooms with free video content and curriculum that fosters global awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

What is ProjectExplorer?

Founded in 2003, multi award-winning ProjectExplorer was a pioneer in creating and distributing online videos for students at a time when web video was, at best, an experiment. Nearly 6 million students have used Destinations (the original series) and its accompanying curriculum to become more globally and culturally aware.

Today, ProjectExplorer offers several educational programs: Destinations, Crash Test World, Doha Debates, and Seen By Me, with other programs in development.

Your Role

ProjectExplorer’s videos and curriculum are free to everyone, everywhere. Your generous support provides students and teachers the opportunity to learn about the world beyond their borders through our innovative online programming, TV series, and lessons. Learn more here.

ProjectExplorer LTD. is a 501(c) non-profit organization incorporated in New York.